Ran C.
Astoria, NY

I’ve been to Thai NY Spa several times for massages. Of the three different massages I’ve had (Swedish, Thai, and the legendary 6-handed), the Thai massage is the one that keeps me coming back for more. It’s a relaxing fusion of a deep tissue massage combined with the stretching of yoga and the cracking and popping of a chiropractor.

They give you a questionnaire to fill out beforehand pointing out your trouble areas as well as check in with you from time to time about pressure. This is truly a treat and I recommend to anyone feeling stress or sore muscles.

And if you’re hungry, afterwards, Thai Pavilion and DaFranco are both next door–both excellent options.

Allyson H.
Astoria, NY

I went for my first massage (ever) at Thai NY Spa yesterday. I had an 11am appointment and arrived early. They gave me tea, took my shoes, gave me the questionnaire and off I went to get my massage. No waiting. I can’t say enough how absolutely delicious the ginger tea was!

The massage, which was a sports massage, was pretty good. Never having a real massage before, it’s not quite what I was expecting. However, I left relaxed and satisfied. My therapist was very thorough, and the massage was from head to toe and finger to finger. Excellent! It was soothing and relaxing. I think next time I’ll go for a more intense massage, such as a deep tissue massage, or as per Ran’s review, I’ll go for the Thai massage.

Being a member of WLA?! you get a 10% discount for promotions, and you can’t beat their prices to begin with! It’s a loooonnnng walk from my apartment, but it’s definitely worth it!

Overall, it was a good massage, great atmosphere, and very comfortable all around. I’ll definitely return!

Best massage (coming from a Massage student)
By mirandamqj at Citysearch

Before I start I just want to let you know a lil about my opinion. I am graduating from a Massage therapy college in 2 months after a 2 year intensive program. I regularly receive 3plus more massages weekly. I know what’s good and I know what’s bad and I am definitely a picky individual. My first time here was on Valentines. What a great experience. My wife and I both had two great therapists. We felt like royalty after wards. I am a very detailed individual when it comes to massage. I would definitely return, we already making plans for our next massage….to be honest I didn’t even want to tell anybody else about this place… me greedy!!!!!!

The miracle of acupuncture
by Blue rose at Citysearch

I’ve suffered with knee pain for more years than I can count. Yet, despite surgery and physical therapy, the most I got was temporary relief from various pain medications that began to eat away at the lining of my stomach because I was practically eating it like candy.

One day while I was getting my nails done at the Thai NY Spa in Astoria, the nail technician was telling me about some of the other services offered there. She happened to mention that the acupuncturist there treated her for knee pain she’d had for years and that after a few treatments the pain was gone. This piqued my interest and she invited the acupuncturist over so he could answer some of the questions I had that she didn’t know. As a matter of fact, after a while he put me at such ease that I was beginning to seriously consider giving it a try. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. He lived up to his promise to be very gentle and not cause me more pain.

After the first treatment, there was a noticeable difference in the way my knees felt – it wasn’t perfect, but they felt better than they had in years. So good in fact, that I came back to have 3 more treatments. I haven’t had a treatment in 4 weeks now, but I am virtually pain free and able to do things without thinking about my knees, like standing from the seated position and walking for extended periods of time, things I couldn’t do before.

So, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired (feeling more energy was an unexpected bonus), get past your fear of needles, if you have one, and give acupuncture a try. The only thing you have to lose is your pain. Highly recommended.

Date: Sunday, July 19, 2009

“Nobody deserves to feel this good. But now that I have, I just can’t live without it.”

“Your wife will forgive you, no problem. Just give her the four-hand body scrub. It worked with me!”

Great experience at Thai New York Spa.
This friendly, clean and classy Spa offers various services, facial, manicure, waxing, hair styling and body treatments. If you are looking
for a real Thai massage this is the place, very professional and skillful therapists, provide great massage I’m very pleased, excellent service and good price.
I give five stars for quality service and cleanliness.
I will recommend to visit this place.
.Sophy68.August 7, 2009

vintager B.

Astoria, NY


I totally agreed with what Melissa have said before about their high level of customer service comparing to the prices– they are CHEAP!! (yeah!, finally there is a place next to my apt that is good and affordable). Once you arrive the staff assists you to seat and servers a cup of ginger tea (..good choice for winter) and hot aroma towel before the treatment starts. I have been there a few times for massage – the first time just wanted to try them if they were good since I’ve been travelling to Thailand quite often and would usually know if a place is the “real thing”. Surprisingly, my therapist “Kan” was really amazing and totally worth the money. Coincidentally, she used to work in the Thai Privilege Spa in Soho where I used to be a client before they closed their doors without informing their clients (I was one of the unfortunates who already prepaid for a package and did not have chance to use it – they suck!). After becoming their client, I decided to buy 2 spa packages for a Xmas’s gift for my parents!!

Melissa L.

Queens, NY


I am very impressed with this spa considering it is brand new. The staff was super friendly, very organized, and services are CHEAP! I was greeted at the door with a hot towel and a cup of tea, taken on time for my appointment and again promptly taken for my manicure and pedicure afterward. This was easily the best spa experience I have ever had and it didn’t empty my wallet. I highly recommend calling to make an appointment.

Wow, awesome Thai massages in Astoria!
By macluv212 – Sep 16, 2009
I have been wanting to try a Thai massage for years, and finally got the chance when Thai NY Spa opened right in my neighborhood in Queens. (Yay!) Let me say it was so worth it and very affordable. I had my nails done after the massage. …‎

Authentic Thai Experience
By Moose315 – Sep 8, 2009
I have had A LOT of massages in my life and I have to say that Thai massage is the best! Having said that, I have actually gone to Thailand on more than one occasion for work and have gotten Thai massages there too. The massages at this spa …‎

great spa!
By Koblenza – Aug 22, 2009
my wife and i got a couples massage for only $120, and it included the slippers and a hot towel and tea. the massages were great – my wife got a swedish massage and said it was unlike any she’d had before! they treated us like royalty, …‎

Brand New Thai Spa!!! Amazing treatments‎
By rachelbff – Aug 21, 2009
this spa is amazing, great location in astoria new york. the spa technicians are amazing, and the massages are incredible. make sure you try the thai massage. get a pedicure and manicure and if you need to get your hair done! you will …‎

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